At first, fitting small spaces seems to be a puzzle that’s impossible to solve. Strive to introduce as much as possible for comfort, but avoid crowding the house with unnecessary furniture. You want to give it personality, without looking chaotic and messy. Even if it seems like a difficult mission, there are still some methods that will help you arrange your small home elegantly and exceptionally comfortably. Whether you live in a small minimalist-style Open Space or a one-room apartment, you don’t have to sacrifice your favourite style in interior design. The Polyart Design team has gathered your favourite ideas for decorating small spaces. They will serve to help you create a fairytale setting for your little oasis of peace and relaxation.

Do not load the floor with pieces that take up too much space.

You need space for essential pieces of furniture, so decide which items to opt for from the beginning. Try “floating” parts, such as shelves and bedside tables installed on the wall, to keep the floor as free as possible and to create additional storage space underneath, if necessary. Opt for wall lights, rather than floor lamps.

Go for the foldable variant.

You may need a desk and a table, but will you use them 24/7? If not, then it would be good to opt for furniture that you can fold down when not in use. You will free up space on the floor and avoid piles of mail and documents that inevitably pile up on these surfaces. Usually, modern interiors are based on at least three elements of furniture that fold to provide as much space as possible for other manoeuvres.

Maximum focus on lighting elements.

Small spaces can often look dark due to equally small or non-existent windows. Make up for the lack of natural light by adding additional light sources to each room, from the kitchen to the bedroom. Combine original lighting fixtures – either a pendant or elegant support, depending on the height of the ceiling – with wall or table lamps for a comfortable and bright atmosphere. You can adjust the interior design of the kitchen in an apartment wonderfully by adding a lamp that emits natural light in gloomy weather.

Mirrors may help you gain space.

If you have not yet managed to get sufficient extra space and natural light, mirrors can help you make the most of what you have by reflecting it in the rest of the room. Mirrors can also make space look bigger, giving the illusion of more square meters. Consider lining a wall with a large mirror or creating a boundary with decorative elements of different shapes and sizes.

Choose the rug to match the style as a whole.

The carpet is the only item you want to make sure not to neglect. A small rug will make the room look just as little. Choose such an accessory based on the quantity and location of the furniture. It must be large enough so that most of the furniture is on it or goes from wall to wall. Also, pay attention to the shades of the carpet. Minimalist vs Scandinavian styles could better guide you in choosing the right colours for your wonderful home.

Find pieces that earn their place.

Make the most of your home by installing furniture that provides ample space for storage. Pick out a bed with built-in benches or drawers and inner compartments with enough space to store additional blankets or bed linen. In a small area, each piece should be worth using: a bed during the day can be repurposed both as a sofa and as a bed for your guests.

Arranging a living room in a house from Chisinau seems to be a real challenge, especially when the living space is small, but don’t be afraid to experiment. If you don’t succeed, the Polyart Design team is by your side, ready to help you in this mission.

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