Every specialist in architecture and interior design in Chisinau knows how complicated and challenging it is to create an impeccable residential project, both inside and out. Why? The big challenge is not only to respect the needs of each client, but also the technical possibilities of the location. Therefore, taking into account the possibilities of each space, more and more specialists opt for minimalist interiors. Their express advantages are their versatility and timelessness because they are built on the basic principle: less means better.

Let’s look at the Kalo project, an organic example of minimalist style in interior design. Designed according to the need for balance and unloading of relatively limited space, it contains special chromatic and structural accents. We refer here to the use of wood, of stone imitation, which, in tandem, offers a special volumetric presence. Another advantage is the correct zoning of the space so that every centimetre is used properly and has an exact destination. We can see how a slow passage was made between the bedroom, living room, living room, or kitchen, thanks to the partial wooden walls. A feeling of open space was created, but keeping a note of intimacy. A special moment that cannot be overlooked is the use of perfectly framed furniture, with regular lines and calm design, exactly in the spirit of minimalism.

Our specialists used and naturally combined the lighting fixtures with the chromatic range, thus creating a sober contrast, without extravagances. The presence of the play of light and shadow, the contrast of the furniture and the walls, all together create the feeling of a linear order, which nothing can unbalance.

Camouflage storage spaces is another inherent way of defining minimalist interiors and leave residents with plenty of room to manoeuvre so that they can widen the movement area or, why not, place other details for the decor.

How to make such an interior? To begin with, you need to set your basic needs and turn to specialists who will make the necessary estimates regarding the actions to be taken. We refer here to the budget, to the plan and phases of the works that will be done, but also to the expected changes. It is relevant to give up some old templates with which we have become accustomed because of other styles in design and to adopt a philosophy that aims at a larger space and more relevant details.

Our recommendation is to start with a design consultation in Chisinau because in this way you will understand the direction of the work that will be expected, you will be able to discuss and choose from our portfolio the style and model that will fit you like a glove. In the same way, our specialists will explain to you the advantages of the minimalist style in the interior, through clear and eloquent examples, so that you understand how advantageous your investment is. We, the POLYART DESIGN team, offer you quality services, up to European and world standards, to transform your home into a perfect space.

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