The minimalist interior design is characterized by simplicity and conciseness in the decor. For the most part, the laconic look is achieved through the use of functional furniture and simple interior objects, geometric shapes and a combination of no more than two basic colours. It is extremely important in such a design to resort to a correct division of space. Minimalist interiors are usually compact, black or grey and have elements of a strict geometric shape, but most designers come up with other ideas for the living room design, for example, or bedrooms.

When dealing with the minimalist style in the apartment interior design, we are talking about a simplified shape and a large space (usually Open Space), which remains both comfortable and welcoming. You can find out more about this style through the RUBY project we created. We, an interior design company in Chișinău named POLYART DESIGN STUDIO, led by Daniel Trifan, brought the interior decoration design to another level of performance with the help of a unique, modern and unusual concept.

Thus, RUBY has a modern minimalist apartment interior design with industrial decor elements. We chose the grey of the concrete and combined it with the noble wood. So, we came to witness the visualization of luxury in a non-standard contemporary style. In terms of texture and warm shade of wood, they diminish the cold effect of concrete, thus creating a harmonious atmosphere and unique visual comfort.

With a total area of ​​120.9 square meters, the apartment amazes with a minimum of objects, but with maximum comfort. We created a fascinating minimalist interior, with a thoughtful assortment and adapted furniture to sketch a well-balanced space that no one will want to leave. The team invested in quality minimalist home decor, to make full use of the space offered by those square meters.

The Open Space interior was a perfect idea to gain a lot of space and at the same time to efficiently combine the kitchen with the living area. Therefore, a passage area was created on both sides.

In the bedroom interior, we kept the same concept of minimalism with industrial elements. The functional areas were separated by massive cabinets and a decorative wall. The same monochrome was kept in the context of the cooking space. The notes of finesse and elegance present in each area overall create a fascinating atmosphere and offer palpable comfort, even if the achromatic shades of black, grey and brown wood are elements that can seem cold and strict.

The RUBY luxury interior design project was certainly a challenge for our team of designers, but with a resultant effort, we managed to achieve the basic goal – to create a symbiosis between minimalist contemporaneity and industrial design elements.

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