Certainly, each of us wants to have a large living space, to feel free and carry out the usual activity in the most energetic way, but the reality sometimes does not correspond to dreams. However, there is no need to despair, but to use the services of specialists in the design of small apartments or houses with limited space. Why? Because they develop some special skills when it comes to visually enlarge the small space and can use the most innovative methods to build a quality and versatile design. What are the effective methods in this regard? Our specialists answer this question with a few recommendations.

Give up on wardrobe!

More and more minimalist interiors go with the option to give up the classic storage spaces, namely the massive cabinets because they take up a large area and are not necessarily functional. The use of volumetric niches, the placement of storage areas in the walls, and their masking with wooden or canvas screens is a solution that can be easily integrated into the interior design of small spaces.

You shouldn’t be afraid of such a procedure, because practice shows that it is effective both to visually enlarge the space and to order the things you have, reducing the high tendency to accumulate many objects in the house.

Choose a suitable color range

Colors tend to widen the space if they are combined correctly and used in tandem with the right accents. For example, in the interior design of a small bedroom, you can choose the colors from the ivory, champagne or beige range, completing the feeling with a large panoramic window, so that the play of lights gives volume to the room.

Go for open space

Although there is a certain amount of fear about open space, it has an obvious advantage, as it can visibly add width to some rooms. The open space process is even more applicable in the case of the interior design of a kitchen with the living room. Removing the doors and partitions creates spacious room for maneuver and can allow the workspace to be widened. In this case, you won’t have to give up kitchen furniture or reduce, for example, the countertop, but you will be able to create a large and comfortable room where you can cook, but also enjoy meals with loved ones.

Large windows versus small windows

Panoramic windows are an indisputable advantage of modern minimalist interior design. Why? Because it ensures a constant flow of light and adds volume even to very small spaces, relying on a game of optical illusions. Besides, the size it creates supplements the sensations of the residents, giving them extra ventilation of the rooms and unloading the atmosphere created by the arrangement of the furniture. If quality lighting fixtures are added here, the philosophy of the entire project is coherently realized, thanks to a mix of natural and artificial light.

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