It is always much simpler and more efficient to create a space with a modern design while taking into account the interests of a singular person. But what happens when these interests double or triple in number and there is a need to take into account several different and often opposite directions of interest? Creating interior spaces that are perfect for the whole family becomes slightly more complicated, but not impossibly so. There are many factors to take into consideration when making a comfortable space for everyone, which are analysed, taking into account the limitations of budget and physical area. However, the purpose of the architecture and interior design offices is to innovate and create solutions where problems used to be. Thus, below you can find the recommended POLYART DESIGN approach in creating spaces which are ideal for entire families.

The basics

Each custom project dedicated to a single family will have some key elements. These are vital to a successful project that’s complete in every regard. A good example would be natural light sources – sunlight dramatically increases your ability to focus, your health and your mood. During this phase, you should establish the general style, budget and set the priorities, after consulting all of the family members personally.

Consecration of spaces

Children, as well as adults, often need a space all to themselves to feel completely comfortable. Here it’s necessary to manufacture a balanced interior design of the rooms so that most of them connect as one, but allow for minor exceptions. The size of these private spaces depends a lot on the family’s preferences when it comes to the topic. Fortunately, our experts have enough experience to be able to approximate the proper sizes, following discussions regarding expectations.


In a minimalist spirit, everything that is useful to your family is great. Practical principles are of great value in the process of coexisting. Therefore, look for items which can be aesthetically pleasing and useful at the same time. That includes easily adjustable furniture, easy-to-clean surfaces and durable décor.


In everyday life, we do not notice the wear and tear of the elements caused by a singular person. But when it comes to the things available to everyone, every day, it becomes a bit less clear. The easiest way to avoid the need to replace items around the house continually is to choose interior design elements with an eye for durability. The advice is especially useful when selecting the correct decorations. Decorations which are fragile, or could quickly become fragile require more attention and consideration before purchase.


The final step in creating a modern interior for an entire family is to go through the assortment selected in the previous stages and establish elements that can work well together. Here you need an excellent aesthetic sense and a rich imagination, to understand which features are worth combining and which are not, keeping the result in mind. A minimalist style during this phase will help guide you in selecting only the things which will be of use to your family.

After going through all of these stages, you should have a space for your family that’s both comfortable, efficient and will lead to the formation of many pleasant memories. If you’re looking for an architectural interior design company from Moldova to help you make the right design decisions, POLYART DESIGN is always available. Create your dream family home, with the aid of professionals  – today  We are available both online at and the phone number +373 69 34 25 61.

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