One of the major difficulties of specialists in the interior design of apartments or houses, in other words of residential spaces, is that they must identify solutions not only viable but also long-lived so that over the years the project maintains a note of freshness and energy. What is the recipe in this case? Let’s see what interior design ideas for the apartment we used in the LYNN project, which involved transforming and designing an overall image of a young family’s living space.

Creating functional areas

The beginning of the project came, in its usual formula, with the consultation of a designer from Chisinau, part of the Polyart Design team, within which the defining elements of the planned activity were set.

Thanks to this phase, which is indispensable for the success of a minimalist style in interior design, the wishes for the future home were drawn together with the future residents. Let’s not forget that the appearance of the house or apartment is also part of the identity of its residents, that’s why a professional designer will take into account your expectations and will highlight the strengths of the space.

One of the accents transposed in this stage is the correct zoning of the house, which our designers made by merging the kitchen with the living room and the correct inserts of furniture, to keep the space of the house intact, but also to organically separate the perimeter.

Let’s not forget that the delimitation of areas is a relevant emphasis, especially if the actual space is limited. In the case of the LYNN project, there was a balance between the surface and the ideas applicable to it.

Choosing the right color range

It is an efficient and easy combining mechanism, but with appropriate effects and results, especially when we refer to the creation of an identity philosophy of the whole house or when we aim to obtain new dimensions of the residential space.

In the case of the LYNN concept, the color accents are well fixed in the entire design project, including the interior design in the apartment living room or the kitchen, each space respecting a chromatic order.

The use of a range of basic colors, quite neutral and universal, gives the project a certain personality, but also a balanced impact, reserving residents the opportunity to enjoy the calm of their own home.

Selection of furniture according to the concept

When you choose a quality interior design, one of the indispensable elements is the chosen furniture. It must not only be good, durable, and versatile but also take into account the sustainability of the interior so that it does not require extreme maintenance costs.

Therefore, the furniture chosen in the LYNN project is easy to integrate into the design, comfortable to use, and functional, especially for space zoning.Tracing a project, similar to the one we studied in this article, involves combined efforts of the designer, the client, and the team that makes the overall technical details. In this way, the project is shaped and desired by the client. For details on interior design services in Chisinau, contact us!

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