The TORO|3DC project is a mixture of minimalist design and personal accents, created for a young and energetic family. The concept is about ​​the efficient marking of the space with the use of techniques for the integration of furniture design, as well as the appropriate textures and the play of light – shadow, created by lighting accessories and large windows.

The chosen chromatic range harmoniously completed the design project, so that the minimalism percept was respected, while still giving fresh air to the whole philosophy. The balanced shades of beige created linearity and volume of the project so that the house looks much larger and has actually functional space.

The designers in our team gave up the old traditions when the furniture was loaded and heavy curtains were used, and our main goal was to design a minimalist interior, with refinement and delicacy, so that everyday life is as pleasant as possible.

The texture details and finishes, the suitable placed light, and the interior decorations in the living room complement the organic and the opportune use of the open space in the house. We must mention that the interior design of the kitchen with the living room was a more than an optimal solution because in this way we managed to visually and functionally expand the interior space, giving residents the opportunity to enjoy their meals.

The TORO|3DC project is a successful metamorphosis of design ideas, technical solutions, but also aesthetic concepts, which are extremely relevant in a home where you will spend a good part of your life.