RUBY is an interior design project in Moldova created on the border between conceptual, interesting and unusual.

Concrete in combination with noble wood creates a form of luxury in the interior design’s contemporary style. The texture and warm shade of the wood dissolve the cold gray of the concrete, building a balanced atmosphere, but at the same time an ergonomic design. The interior design of the house creates a feeling of calm and security. The approach to the concept of architecture and unique interior design was implemented throughout the project. The whole house is a composition made of natural materials, where every imperfection is preserved and capitalized properly.

Space is arranged taking into account modern open space trends, but at the same time involves the formation of areas through massive cabinets and thanks to a decorative wall. An interior design idea of ​​the kitchen was the efficient merging with the living area through the island with access on both sides, complemented by black, white and gray colors, which creates a harmony in the color range of the interior and gives it a note of finesse. The interior design of the bedrooms is a reinterpretation of simplicity, and the details and textures only accentuate this.

It is relevant to mention that the contemporary style is totally unloaded by the old traditions and respects the modern needs of comfort and utility of the living spaces so that the owner’s experience is a pleasant sensation with every moment spent inside the house. At the same time, a special success is that we managed to translate all the necessary ideas in the most prolific way in a 120.9 m2 surface.