The MARY project

Area: 85 m2

Year: 2020

Location: Chisinau, Moldova

In creating the MARY project, we set out for a minimalist interior combined with Scandinavian elements – warm and neutral colors, sustainable materials, and natural light. The smart techniques for coming up with this design helped us organically integrate the furniture into the proposed space and use it as logically as possible. The 85 square meters contributed to the house’s simple design, without stealing any of its functionality.

The living room’s interior design with the kitchen is representative proof of a practical arrangement by combining the cooking area with the lounge. We are dealing with a practical Open-Space, in which Scandinavian style and minimalism have found a place organically.

The same Nordic minimalism was kept in the bedroom, where the dominant note is wood. By being one of the most widespread textures, wood becomes an indispensable element even in Chisinau’s interior design, where you can see an amalgam of minimalist styles matched with different elements.

With a timeless design, the minimalist style represents the “seasoning” of some colors, which at first glance do not seem to be a versatile choice for apartments. The bizarre feeling of strangeness disappears when the play of light is used imaginatively. To capture as much natural light as possible, we opted for windows that occupy about 70% of the sidewall. The light from outside allowed the “warming” of the cold colors and highlighted the wood’s texture.

With many interior design ideas for apartments, our team of designers decided to stick to the same concept of acrylic minimalism that will be to the taste of any lover of aesthetics. The lack of excess decor elements, textures with lines, and no “vivid” colors were our allies in creating the MARY project. Thus, we achieved our goal – simplicity in lines and functionality of each area.