The DASH project

Office area: 250 m2

Year: 2020

Location: Chisinau, Moldova

We understand how important a pleasant environment is for the employees of a company that respects itself. That’s why designing the interior decor for this office was a real challenge for us. Defying old-fashioned concepts that offices should be as conservative as possible and with a strict design, we decided to go beyond the ordinary and offer interior design for the original office. It was not difficult for us to enter the game of minimalism and combine it with industrial elements. Having an interior design portfolio with minimalist projects, we opted for the same straight lines and wooden walls that diminish the cold ambiance.

The 250 square meters were used to their limit in creating an Open Space area. This concept also includes the space in which the reception area was planned. Chromatically differentiated from the Open Space areas, the reception leads a separate existence due to the natural wood used for the wall in which an extended window is anchored. The luminaires take on their intended functions as meant precisely when the daylight decreases, and the night entirely takes hold. In this respect, the conical chandeliers play the perfect role, even if they do not form a symbiosis with the office’s total darkness.

A surprising detail of the design is the tree enclosed in a glass display case and illuminated at the top. We did not want to make a sudden transition from the comfort of wood to the industrial minimalist style’s reluctance, so we positioned a dividing wall of thin wooden boards to create a neutral area.

We have shown that office design involves more than just a functional placement of tables and reception through the DASH project. Instead, it’s a whole concept of versatile interior design that will work in the long run, even when increasing the number of employees.