The minimalist style in interior design is one of the most popular trends today because of the emphasis on discharging areas, so that “less” becomes “more”. Modern minimalist interior design is directly related to the simplicity of the shapes, the uniform finishes of the walls and the complex linear textures.

DAEL is an interior design project designed for a young family, who wanted a comfortable design, created according to their direct needs. Characterized by simple lines, the interior design project focuses on neutral colors in combination with wood, creating a pleasant and laconic atmosphere. The concept of this project represents the harmony between color and functionality. Efficient zoning and finishes emphasize the ideal color, using implicit nature patterns. A strong interior was obtained, but at the same time comfortable and practical.

The used shapes and the angles formed by the separation of the areas led to efficient arranging of the small space using productively every square meter of the apartment. In addition, the designed minimalism manages to cover not only the aesthetic pleasure of the residents but also their daily needs, giving them room for maneuver.

The spacious bathroom, the living room, and the bedroom separated by glass walls – these are just some of the strong elements of the project, which the Polyart Design team highlighted and successfully implemented.

The minimalist style is one of the most versatile and comfortable interior design choices for an apartment that specialists opt for.