CRH project

House area: 140 m2

Year: 2019

Location: Cricova, Moldova

Subtle minimalism and well-defined lines played a significant role in arranging the 140 square meter house in Cricova, Republic of Moldova. The 2019 CRH project of Polyart Design is a firm example of creating a unique concept for a house’s interior design.

Specializing in a minimalist style in interior design, designers opted for a neutral color palette: white, gray, pale blue, light brown, and black. The decision to choose the warm shades of wood was ideal for “warming” the cold atmosphere. The wood has a natural texture that offers an additional note of visual comfort, becoming a surprise detail in creating a design with industrial elements.

In choosing the kitchen’s interior design with the living room, the primary goal was to increase the functionality of these two rooms and create an area as comfortable as it is practical for future residents. Arranging furniture was not a challenge for professionals who provide interior design services in Moldova. Thus, in the living room arrangement, it was decided to create a relaxation area through the strategic location of the fully upholstered sofas.

With the help of the decorative elements of the minimalist interior design, namely the wall made of wood and the open shelves, we’ve created the perfect atmosphere for the home office.

The same style was followed in the bedroom design, in which there is only one dark accent – the bed. Thus, the white and light brown shades form a symbiosis with the black bedding and complement each other chromatically.

The same shades were used rationally in creating the design of the bathroom. The green elements on the left of the room give a respite to the pale brown range. The designers put maximum effort towards highlighting each piece of sanitary ware and storage furniture with smaller design space.