City Foodcourt

The inefficient use of urban space is a significant shortcoming in the city of Chisinau. The City Foodcourt architectural project proposes the renovation of an industrial area in the city center. The area is located on the territory of the Press House, built in the ‘60s. Most of the buildings lost their direct purpose, and the courtyard became a parking area. In a modern city, where architectural design leaves much to be desired, this area impedes the healthy development of the urban environment and becomes a space where garbage is stored.

The architects Daniel Trifan & Alexandr Chișlari propose changing the industrial land’s purpose into a Food Court with a terrace and a surrounding area similar to a public space with a park. That will significantly improve the company’s economic situation and combine many public catering units in this area into a modern and convenient hub. City Food Court will become the place where people will gather and help business owners get the right budgets.

The composition’s center consists of three cylindrical installations made of fabric and metal hanging from cables and fixed to a vertical metal pipe. The architecture & design of the composition will protect people from the hot sun and create a play of light and shadow, perfect for a meditative and pleasant atmosphere. There will be a mini-amphitheater under each installation that accentuates the composition and creates a space for those who like to dine in an informal setting.

The market should revitalize the city’s central area and structure the catering area so that the whole architectural concept offers obvious benefits to both consumers and businesses. Such architectural projects have a suitable scope and impact on the architectural design of Chisinau’s entire city.