The ARIA project

The surface of the apartment: 50.8 m2

Year: 2019

Location: Chisinau, Moldova

Modernism and minimalism in every detail. These were the two fundamental concepts that we followed in creating the ARIA project. For the Polyart design team, working with a small space of a mere 50 square meters didn’t prove to be a challenge, for reasons that should be obvious. Throughout our experience, we have realized that modern homes’ interior design requires a non-conformist approach and a way of thinking entirely separate from ordinary concepts of home decor. We’ve analyzed the risk of losing even more functional space, but we managed to create functional areas for each square meter.

Opting for modern minimalist interior design, we chose a cool gray, black, white color scheme combined with the warm brick brown, which diminished the other shades’ reluctance. Starting from the kitchen, we decided to follow the design line as practical as possible and opt for modern minimalism without special loading elements.

From the multitude of ideas for arranging the living room, we chose to integrate as little furniture as possible and only a few accessories to create a comfortable atmosphere. The light elements play an accessory role and “destroy” to a favorable extent, the well-defined lines.

The project’s ingenuity starts with the idea of ​​placing the bedroom and the bathroom in the same area and delimiting them with a partition wall. Besides, creating the storage area (makeshift closet) was a reasonable decision to save space in the bedroom or even living room, where we also reserved a small office area.

Combining spaces, which at first sight cannot be combined, is a feasible mission if you decide to consult the designer and find together the perfect solution for a small apartment.