POLYART DESIGN offers high-level interior design services in Moldova, following European quality standards. We design spaces with a unique character, individuality, and personality, in various styles, from minimalist, loft, industrial, post, and metamodernism. We combine and build spaces where the philosophies of the most avant-garde styles of interior design can be found, and we offer customers the opportunity to see their wishes transformed into reality, as soon as they step through the doorway of their renovated houses or apartments.
The interior design project is the final product delivered by our team. Meticulously thought out it contains all the technical details and all the constituent elements ready to be implemented.

The advantages of an interior design project created by Polyart Design team:

- We analyze in detail the needs, and requirements of our customers, to create an interior design for small or large spaces as functional and appropriate as possible;
- We define concepts and convert them into reality through innovative methods and technologies, respecting quality precision and European standards of residential interior design;
- We generate high-quality 3D visualizations so that it is possible to accurately evaluate the upcoming project;
- We increase the functionality of the designed areas, valuing the storage spaces, exploiting the maximal potential of the space;
- We use advanced working methods and techniques according to industry standards.

This specific design mechanism is based on consulting customers and determining the effective workload so that we can carry out the project in the most appropriate time and offering the predictability of the investments they make. POLYART DESIGN team works with and for you!