Neutral color ranges are currently one of the favorite mechanisms of specialists in interior design services in Chisinau, which is why a growing variety of projects choose this visual philosophy. What are the reasons for this choice and why neutral colors will always be welcome in interior design? Find out from a material that our team has prepared for you.

Which are the neutral colors?

Every year the Pantone Institute designates the specific color of that calendar interval, and judging by the latest trends, strong colors are in high demand, while neutral tones, which have a high integration potential, are left behind. What we should understand is that a neutral color maintains a balance between textures, light, and dimensions, so it automatically perpetuates the longevity of the project.

Whether we refer to the basic colors (black, white) or all the various ranges (ivory, beige, champagne), they don’t overflow with energy and don’t pulsate, but have the merit of effective contrast in a minimalist style in interior design.

How to use them effectively?

The first important step in the correct use of a neutral color range is to set the philosophy of the whole project, consulting a designer. This will make your mission easier and will guarantee you the identification of the optimal solution, so you could use this category of colors to obtain a pretty vibrant home, not a dull one.

Regardless of the chosen space, the priority rule is to create the chromatic base and add functional accents, which would contrast organically, adding nobility and refinement to the interior. For example, in the case of the interior design of a kitchen in an apartment, the chromatic contrast can be obtained by using a noble ivory finish, complemented by furniture in the color of natural wood and with lighting fixtures that would highlight certain areas. This mechanism provides depth and three-dimensionality to the room, visually adding space to the existing one.

In the case of living room interior design, the combination of neutral chromatics and persistent textures in the case of furniture or finishes, as well as lighting objects, which will highlight the maximum and continue the fullness of the dimensions, matter.

All interior design ideas of an apartment or a house should be discussed and analyzed in several aspects, including the terms of color trends, because their presence will effectively complement the comfort of the residential space.

How do I choose neutral colors?

When you have decided that you need a complete interior design, you will consult a designer who will design the entire project of your home and will propose the most reliable solutions in this area, including directly the color palette to be used. In this phase it is important to choose, by mutual agreement, the chromatic idea, because the entourage created in the space that has to be transformed will depend on it, therefore discuss with the chosen specialist, to find consent.

Choose the colors according to the temperament, according to preferences or, why not, according to the type of home, to give it a special personality, a signature of your style.

We, the POLYART DESIGN team, will help you choose the right color range, to tastefully redefine your interior design, taking into account your aesthetic preferences.

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