We, POLYART DESIGN, provide architectural services in Chisinau and focus our efforts on creating unique projects, with an emphasis on functionality and compliance with the residential profile rigors. We come up with non-conformist approaches and new visions, using innovative methods and techniques in both interior and exterior design, meeting the international quality standards.

Residential architecture in Moldova has a potential worth advancing but requires increasing attention. We need to rethink everything we knew so far about architectural design because the global trend is to keep the resourcefulness of the past and add innovation in the most natural way.

Here’s what we offer:

- Well-developed architectural plan, in which work phases and all the constituent elements of the project are predefined so that it is possible to determine the time interval needed and the efficient budget;
- We bring formative solutions to create functional residential and commercial architecture projects. Respectively, we favor the rules of urban planning and methods that would benefit the external aspect and the finality of the project;
- We rely on accurate estimates of construction materials and carry out quality projects with reasonable budgets. We lean on the expertise of the specialists we work with, to offer our clients work certitude and a quality guarantee of our services;
- The architectural project is the final product that meets the highest level standards, under the results of the client's consultation, and taking into account his needs.

POLYART DESIGN expert team is ready to invest time, creativity, and inventiveness to carry out projects with dedication and talent, to change the client's perception and bring innovation. After all, a qualitative architectural project is, rightly, a well-defined action plan.