For a good while, photographs have been the main method of viewing everything around us, from a different perspective. But this method does not seem to meet all the needs in terms of interior design and architecture when you intend to change the look of the apartment or arrange commercial spaces. To create a clearer image, interior designers have found a suitable solution: 3D visualization.

What is the 3D architectural visualization and why would you need it when deciding to implement residential or commercial projects?

Learn that this type of visualization is one of the most effective ways to display and present a product that does not yet exist. 3D visualization of architectural projects is possible due to 3D graphics and CGI images – images created using 3D software. In recent decades, this method has become one of the most effective options for digitally producing architectural and interior design projects. Realistic images allow the real perception of the atmosphere and the feelings that construction or an interior will offer. Likewise, visualization of this type provides security in the next steps and in achieving the desired idea.

To avoid misunderstanding of the terminology, it should be noted that visualization is the process by which graphic content is created, and the end result already involves visual content. This term does not refer to 3D development or 3D design, as they are related to the production of content in general. This type of production consists of creating CAD (Computer-Aided Design) files that have a production purpose. CAD design can be used during 3D viewing, but the end result is more than just design files. Here we are talking about a moving graphic, which fuses the technical talent of designers with the art of creation. In creating projects visualized in 3D, as well as in photography, specialists in the field need technical and artistic skills in order to be able to carry out qualitative work in this sense.

Due to the evolution of playback technologies, the demand for services of this type has increased in recent years and this for obvious reasons. Total control over all aspects related to image, reflections or surfaces is one of the advantages of 3D rendering. In addition, 3D visualization is the perfect solution for saving the expected budget, this service being more accessible than, for example, creating images using the shooting technique.

What to do when you need 3D design and visualization services, but you’re not sure who to turn to – an independent specialist or a company that provides such services? Since there are a lot of tools and skills that both parties must use and possess, however, a studio with a team of designers must inspire more confidence in those who want to benefit from a qualitative 3D visualization. Continuous improvement in the group actively participates in improving the performance of the entire company. The overall professionalism of a team of specialists is the deciding factor that you must take into account when choosing a company for the provision of 3D visualization services.

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