Operates in the field of residential & interior architecture, interior design services in Moldova for commercial and design spaces. The company’s mission is to develop projects with a unique character and a perfect execution. The team’s efforts are focused on the initialization of custom made architecture and interior design projects.

We have a wide interior design portfolio, we easily integrate global innovations, designing functional interiors, aesthetically pleasing, and as a priority, taking into account the needs of our customers.

Transforming a space is a mission in which we combine inventiveness, creativity, and originality, identifying the advantages and strengths of each project. We successfully mix the most different interior design styles, respecting the philosophy of the concept, and cover the world quality standards in the field.

We place a proper emphasis on the use of materials, textures of the highest quality to bring a note of originality in each project, highlighting the individuality, and innovation of each interior design.


• Perfectionism. The entire process of the project’s execution is monitored, from the concept of the works and their 3D visualization to the last stages of construction and interior design.

• Attention to detail, without which it would be impossible to design various distinct architecture and interior design projects;

• Pursuing and adapting trends, to deliver services of the highest quality for the customer;

• Project individualization, because each space is special and unique converting it into a real business card so that the house becomes an oasis of daily pleasures.

POLYART DESIGN, architecture and interior design studio in Chisinau, is distinguished by professionalism, dedication, and tailored high-quality interior design & architecture services.